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Drive-In Theaters – Then and Now

Many of us can recall a time when we watched a movie from the back seat of our parents car in the 50’s and 60’s. Some may even recall the allure of the drive-in theater in the late 60’s and early 70’s as a dating “rite of passage” as we came of age. That said, it’s interesting to note that the first drive-in theater was open for moviegoers on this day in 1933 in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Florida would see its first drive-in theater in 1938 in Miami. At their inception, drive-in theaters were touted as entertainment for the whole family from the comfort of the family car.

Who doesn’t remember the family piling into the car and paying the one-dollar admission to enter? Kids loved the concession stand trips for hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, and drinks. I wonder if our parents were ever lucky enough to see most of the movie after taking us on the countless treks to the restroom after eating and drinking all those goodies.

Feeling nostalgic about now? Remembering the Mustang and the 28th St. Drive-Ins? Nothing good to watch on TV? For a wonderful trip down memory lane take some to view the following…

Sadly, drive-in theaters began their slow demise in the mid to late 60’s. The Mustang Drive-In Theater opened in 1966 and showed movies until 1990, eventually being demolished in 2001 to make way for a Publix Market and a Lowes. The 28th St. Drive-In which opened in 1951, was the longest standing drive-in closing in 2000, creating space for Lealman Intermediate School.

There is however, a bit of good news on the horizon. Drive-Ins may be making a comeback. The sad news is we’ll never be able to see the one dollar for carload ticket price again. Today, the mention of drive-in theaters may bring a look of dismay on a grandchild’s face, but I’d trade video streaming for a trip to the drive-in with my Mom and Dad any day.

Have a drive-in memory to share? Would love to hear from you.

For more information on the future of St. Petersburg drive-ins visit


Decoration Day to Memorial Day – Time to remember…

From its inception in 1868 as Decoration Day to its official declaration as Memorial Day by Congress under the direction of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966, Memorial Day has been more than just another holiday to celebrate with cookouts and family gatherings.

Memorial Day is the day to honor the fallen men and women from every race, creed, and culture who have made the ultimate sacrifice – life, to ensure the American Republic so hard fought for and won remain, allowing every American the opportunity to live in a democracy governed by the people and for the people through elected representation.

To understand and truly appreciate the American culture and form of government, we must understand the history of America. Memorial Day 2021 is the perfect day to start.

We all have family history and history of others who have impacted our lives – people to remember and perhaps honor this Memorial Day. Please comment to add a memory to honor a special person in your life this Memorial Day 2021…

Dixie Hollins Dads, Grandads, Great Grandads – Call for pictures…




A slideshow tribute to Dixie Hollins Dads, Grandads, and Great Grandads is planned.  Hope you’ll help us share your joy!  Please send one picture of you and your family or you and your children with your name and last initial only (last name if you want it listed) to with DHHS Dads in the subject line.  Pictures are needed by Saturday noon at the latest.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Thanks!

You Can Always Come Home…

What a weekend!  The 50th Reunion happened!  It was great to rekindle friendships from our Dixie Hollins Class of 1969 and make new friends meeting family members and significant others.  Though it took months to plan the reunion, the weekend seemed to fly!  With so many traveling from around the nation to join us, Jason Mraz’s “93 Million Miles” lyrics are a “must” to share – even for those choosing to remain close to their St. Petersburg roots.  Be sure to click  “full screen” when viewing – you just might see yourself!

Know we were thrilled to have you all back home!

Special thanks to the Reunion Committee and all who worked so hard to make this a successful event.  Also, special thanks to fellow graduate Mike Giles for donating his time and talent to provide music for us on Friday evening!

Keep checking in.  There’s lots more to come!

My photos are limited so please be sure to submit any reunion photos you can to me at so I can get them posted.

Thanks!  Nancy

DHHS 50th Reunion Updates, Information, and Requests…

Thank you for registering for what promises to be our best Dixie Hollins reunion.  We have more than 100 registrations already.  
SIGN UP – The next post will offer a list of reunion events that you may want to participate in.  Registration is required.
ENHANCEMENTS – If you (or your company) would like to help enhance the reunion, we could use the help financially or items for drawings and prizes.
REUNION SCHEDULE –  In an attempt to make socializing easier, we will have food stations and high-top tables for gathering and reminiscing.
Friday Nightat the pool, will include a complimentary drink (soft drink, beer, wine or cocktail) followed by a cash bar.  There will be passed wings, tenderloin skewers and onion poppers.  Also there will be dips – including hummus, black bean, pico de gallo, and crab served with chips or pita.
The Saturday Night event, in the Ballroom, will include several food and bar stations around the room with a cash bar.  There will be a fajita food station with chicken, beef and all the fixings; a slider food station of BBQ pork; crab cakes with blood orange ailoi; and a pasta bar of assorted pastas and sauces..  Delicious fruit and dessert stations will also be available for your pleasure.
Any questions, please feel free to contact Fran Yacko at

Why You Should Attend Your High School Reunion…And Take Your Spouse!

A great post I ran across on the “Retirement Reflections Blog.”  Enjoy!


Retirement Reflections

Yesterday, my husband and I attended his 50th high school reunion. It was a great evening, and a wonderful weekend back in the area where he grew up. Richard enjoyed catching up with old friends and classmates. I loved getting extra snippets of his life before we met (way before we met)! It really was that simple.

Then, when preparing to write this post, and playing around with potential titles, I begin to type “should you go….” into my search engine. Instantly the words “to your high school reunion” appeared on my screen to complete the sentence.  How weird! I had never previously made any similar searches on my computer. Besides, I could think of several sentences that start with “Should I attend…” – most of them having nothing at all to do with school reunions.

Since I had attended my husband’s reunion, not my own, I then made my…

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Ready for a life review?

If you’re not familiar with TED TALKS, Jane Fonda’s talk will be a great introduction!  Life’s Third Act offers a wealth of wisdom and guidance for anyone past the age of fifty.  It’s especially worthy of attention for those of us readying for our 50th class reunion.  Enjoy!

Missing Alumni…



Time is drawing near! Can you help us find our missing alumni?  If so, have them connect to us by visiting one of the following addresses: Thanks!