“Be True to Your School”…

“Be True to your School” – the Beach Boys

Watching a Beach Boys cover band last week brought this almost forgotten song to mind and fond moments to remember from Dixie Hollins High School back in 1969.  We were definitely true to our school!  We’re still looking for memories to share from our high school days or memories from your high school days which brought you to who you are today.  Were you a great parent?  Top chef?  Successful writer?  Teacher, minister, business person?  How did you contribute to others in the last fifty years?  How did high school influence your thinking, actions, and goals achieved?  Whether simple or grand – every achievement is worth the share!  You are appreciated!


9 thoughts on ““Be True to Your School”…”

  1. Never really grew up liking school. In Canada it seemed so much harder for me then I moved to Florida it got easier or I got older.lol
    When I got to Dixie and enrolled in the Cosmotology class I just loved it. Three hours out of my day for two years really took the hum drum out of school. Learning a trade seemed like the right fit for me and I was grateful for it.

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    1. Hi Janet! Thanks for being the first to respond with a memory! It’s a difficult thing for many to do. You are appreciated! Looking forward to hearing from you again. Let’s hope your comment encourages others to share! 🙂


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