In Memoriam…

As we develop our Dixie Hollins Class of 1969 Blog, we will be adding items to keep you apprised of all that has happened in the fifty years since we walked the halls of Dixie together.  We have added and are working on a memorial section in the right column of your blog page to remember those no longer with us.

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “In Memoriam…”

  1. In the interests of accuracy, it was Becky Frankland (not Franklin) who passed in 2004 after a long and difficult battle with multiple sclerosis. Those of you who knew her know that she was a woman of incredible talent and faith. She deserved far more and better than she received in life on a number of fronts.

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    1. Hello Gary,
      Your comment is very much appreciated. Sincere regrets at the posting error. Thanks for your help in making our entries accurate and for sharing your kind remembrance of Becky. Nancy


    1. Thanks so much for your input Michael! I’ll be adding them soon. Our memoriam section is being added to over time. We’ll be sure to check on Skip to make sure we have him added. I have Randy and will add him this weekend. Thanks again! Nancy 🙂


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